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In our activity we strive to follow a number of principles that underlie out methods of work, what we do, how we work, what crave for and how we build relaionships with our clients. 

First of all, we strive for the highest quality of the services we provide. By quality, in the first place, we mean professionalism and competence. In order to maintain high level of our professional qualification we have elaborated the special programme of continuing professional training. This training does not just boil down to monitoring the updates in the existing legislation but provides for a number of measures to obtain new knowledge, develop existing and gain new skills, share the experience with our colleagues and so on. All these things are carried outin order to provide our clients with the best services.

We strive to build long-term relationships with our clients. Therefore, earning trust in us and in our work is essential for us. The client needs to be sure that he/she can always rely on us. We do not enter any negotiations with public authorities or private persons that may harm the interests of the people we work with. We also seek to familirize as much as possible with our clients' activities, with their essence. That enables us to understand better the issues that we deal with, to find out hidden possibilities and prevent new problems that may appear.

It is our strict principle to avoid any illegal activity even if they can serve for a better interest of the client. By this we first of all understand influencing the representatives of public authorities, judges, law enforcement bodies. Certainly, we often face facts of corruption at the state  institutions, judicial system. We know that sometimes even some of our clients may wish to solve their problems by using corrupt methods. Renouncing of such methods can make our work more difficult, and even make some of the clients turn away from us and find other lawyers. But this is a matter of principle. And it helps us to work with those clients that rely on us as professionals and to avoid any misunderstandings in our relations.

Of course, we ask a remunaration for our work. Sometimes it may even be higher than in other firms providing legal services in Moldova. However, we make everything for the remunaration that we receive to be sound and reasonable and reflect the volume and the quality of the work performed.

All the above said is not just a number of slogans. These are the principles that we have come to in the course of our work, that proved their necessity, validity and reasonableness. And that is why we make everything to follow them strictly in our work.